Elite Structural Movers, Inc.

Created From Tradition

Elite Structural Movers is a family-owned business based out of Washington, North Carolina. In the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd, Bob Covey moved his family to eastern North Carolina to help ensure that the losses faced by the people of this area may never happen again. As C&S House Movers, Inc., the father and son team raised many of the houses along the coast, with the majority of the work focused in Belhaven, Bath, New Bern, the Greenville area, Wilmington / Carolina Beach, and throughout Hyde County.

Now, working as Elite Structural Movers, Inc., company President, Bobby Covey, Jr., and Vice-President, Stephen Covey, are the sons of Bob Covey and are third generation house movers. With over 30 years of combined experience, our knowledgeable team has the tools to get any job done.



The Covey's helped to raise many of the houses along the coast during the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd. Since then, they have continued their work in this area: raising homes with hurricane damage for FEMA, protecting unharmed homes from potential water damage, and moving homes of all shapes and sizes across any distance. The State of North Carolina recognizes Elite Structural Movers, Inc. as a licensed house mover.

While the majority of our jobs keep us in the North Carolina counties east of, and including, Raleigh, the Covey's have done extensive work in the western part of our state, as well as in Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. 

We welcome a challenge and are always ready to travel for our customers.


No job is too big or too small...