Elite Structural Movers, Inc.

Professional Recommendations

While much of our work comes from homeowners themselves, we work extensively with the following contractors. For references, please see the listed point of contact for each company.


 Paul Woolard - Paul Woolard Construction, Inc.

Jimmy Dillahunt - J.E. Dillahunt and Associates



Gilbert Everett - Gilbert Everett Builder

(252) 944-8901


Jay Paul - Jay Paul Construction

(252) 964-2234


Brian Avery - B&B Construction

(252) 925-2170

Homeowner Recommendations


Peggi Mauney - Move
New Bern, NC

"My house flooded during Hurricane Irene in 2011. I verbally contracted with another well-known mover who gave me a fair price and promised to move it in a few weeks. The move got put off for one reason after another - for a full year. I started hearing horror stories about his work, so I began the search for a house mover again.


BOBBY COVEY was working on a house in my neighborhood. On a whim, a relative asked him if he knew how to move a house...and we soon signed a contract for Bobby to move my 1300 sq. ft. house approximately four miles through the city of New Bern to a country site.


Bobby, his wife, and his two workers were wonderful to work with. They were patient and polite as they explained each step of the complex process to us; cheerful and enthusiastic, honest and ethical at all times. I never heard an ugly or harsh word. They were very careful, thorough, and knowledgeable. They listened to my concerns and suggestions.


The task was challenging and tedious, but Bobby and his crew seemed to enjoy each step. The move was 100% successful! Unbelievable to observe!!!!


I recommend Bobby Covey without reservation. If you would like more information, my email address is forever_going@yahoo.com." 


Gayle Watson & Paul Hager - Move
Washington, NC

"Bobby Covey returned my call about moving a house, viewed the house and gave me an estimate all in the same day. He and his crew were easy to work with. And Fun!  Bobby answered all my questions about the house moving process with patience and confidence in his ability to get the house moved. He is extremely knowledgeable and we enjoyed working with him."